La Moka capsule coffee machine (personal espresso maker) – type of coffee machines using single-serve coffee container to brew various types of coffee (depends on capsule content). This type of kitchen appliance is very popular nowadays and spread widely in Europe and US.
Сoffee machine La Moka  was inspired by traditional Italian coffee pot – Moka. Simple and minimalistic design coupled with original technique decisions based on well-known technologies made this type of kitchen equipment quite famous worldwide. This type of coffee machines is compatible with the most popular capsule standard.
History of this brand counts more than 20 years. Italian engineer Antonio Rossi has been working for different companies producing classic espresso coffee machines for a long time. As a talented person he noticed that they are quite massive and not that welcomed among housekeepers. Hence, his idea was to make pleasure of having everyday espresso cup accessible for ordinary people. This can be achieved only by using quite portable device with main feature of classic espresso machine – 15 to 20 Bar pump put in compact case.  But being deeply rooted in Italian culture, Mr. Rossi comes up with beautiful design, shape and colors for his product as well as with perfect functional features and compatible with most popular capsules standards. He named his first designed machine Bella, same as his wife name. Machine look was completed with automobile paint process using. It creates unbelievable experience of having significant thing in your own kitchen.


  • Espresso and Lungo maker – all in one;
  • Adjustable cup volume and water temperature;
  • Detachable water tank with flip open lid;
  • Nespresso compatible.


  • Espresso and Americano maker – all in one;
  • Hot water feature (separate injector);
  • Detachable drip tray for easy cleaning;
  • Nespresso compatible;


  • Espresso and Cappuccino maker;
  • Frother feature embedded;
  • Compact and user-friendly design;
  • Nespresso compatible;


  • Cute and Stylish design;
  • Knobs to adjust volume and temperature;
  • Cup holder wash-free;
  • Dolce Gusto compatible.